Bux-Mont Real Estate and More: The Importance of Calling 911

The Importance of Calling 911

The Importance of Calling 911

This past summer, Scott and Lisa heard a loud crashing noise near their home in Lansdale one night shortly after 11pm. At first, they hesitated because all was quiet right after the sound except that a few dogs briefly barked. They weren’t even sure if the sound came from a car crash or something else. But they decided that Scott would go check into it while Lisa called 911.

The first police car arrived just as Scott did. A car had crashed through a guard rail and landed in the bed of a nearby creek. The car wasn’t even visible from the road. However, the car was on fire and the policeman told Scott to get a fire extinguisher from his patrol car while the policeman pulled the driver out, a young man who was dazed and injured. Within a few minutes, the car was completely engulfed in flames and more help arrived.

Around 2:30am, the police rang Scott and Lisa’s doorbell to thank them for calling in the crash. They were the only call the police had received and had help not arrived so quickly, the police believe the outcome could have been tragic. The police stressed that they prefer to be called when anything seems amiss, and too many people hesitate and never make the call.

The takeaway is that just one call can save a life. Don’t assume someone else will call for help. When in doubt, dial 911. Don’t hesitate if:

1. A fire breaks out. Any fire can grow and spread rapidly, so call right away even if you think you can put out the flames on your own.

2. A medical emergency happens. A life-threatening medical problem includes chest pain, choking, difficulty speaking, drowning, numbness, poisoning, sudden intense pain, severe burns, a suicide threat and other serious medical problems.

3. You witness a crime or possible crime. If you see an assault, a burglary or even a suspicious person lurking, call 911.

4. You witness (or hear) a car crash.


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