Bux-Mont Real Estate and More: Bad Etiquette on Public Transit

Bad Etiquette on Public Transit

Bad Etiquette on Public Transit


Just for fun, here are some signs we saw posted we saw on the trains during a recent trip to Ireland. The Irish certainly have a sense of humor!






To subtly avert one’s eyes or “bluff the direction of one’s goggles.” Usually committing to a line of sight that avoids eye contact with any passenger in desperate need of a seat.


i.e. Judging by the stubbornness of his stare and resistance to distraction, I would wager that the man with the briefcase is goggle-bluffing.






The act of “faking a rummage” in one’s bag for something that does not exist. Frummagers have also been known to place their bag on the seat beside them so as to deter any potential neighbor.


i.e. The girl with the scarf has put her hand in her bag every time an elderly sort is in her vicinity. Oh she’s frummaging alright!






The practice of feigning a dormant stare or “spoofing a snooze” in order to avoid any interaction with other passengers, least of all having to relinquish one’s seat.


i.e. That gentleman just opened his eyes and closed them again after seeing a pregnant woman standing beside him. He’s snoofing by gosh.


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I have to admit that I'm guilty of "Frummaging" in the past. Never did find what I was looking for in my bag 

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