Bux-Mont Real Estate and More: Vacant House Reminders

Vacant House Reminders

Vacant House Reminders

It is that time of year when it is getting dark earlier, leaves are falling, and temperatures may drop below freezing at night. A couple suggestions through the marketing and settlement of your home:

  •        Have a light on a switch in every room. There will be after-work showings and it is important to have the lights easily accessible.
  •        Turn the heat on to a low setting. The house should feel somewhat comfortable and it will keep any pipes from freezing.
  •        Turn the outdoor faucets off from inside the home. Disconnect any hoses and open the exterior faucet so no water is trapped.
  •        Too many leaves can kill the lawn and wet leaves are a slipping hazard. Keep on top of the leaves and keep the walkways swept.
  •        Have an exterior house light on to make the home more inviting. It also makes the house easier to find and access with opening the lockbox and using the keys. Buyers are taking in first impressions while waiting for the door to be unlocked.
  •        Insurance premiums are higher for homes that have been vacant for a certain amount of time. Be sure to check with your homeowner’s insurance carrier to maintain the proper coverage.


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